Thursday, March 17, 2011

Selective Hearing

"We need to know truth with a deeper intimacy and to a greater degree than we've known the lie...for only truth stops the progression of lies..." -LB

Who has ever believed something because someone told you to believe it? There has to be at least some small level of trust there first, in order for you to give that part of yourself away. Trust in their authority (mom & dad), Trust in a friend (with whom you have learned to be vulnerable with through time), trust in someone's wisdom (pastor or an elder): all of these are voices we have willingly trusted for proof of evidence first.

What evidence does Satan have for us to give Him our trust? What proof does he have that he is worthy of it? Of course, you would say none! But how many times do we willingly let go of what the Lord says about who we are, only to believe the voice of the enemy that is fillied with lies and deception? All the time. At least, I do.

It is hard for me to connect this revelation, as much as I beleieve it's true, to my own situation and how I see my outward appearance, but it is true nonetheless. How can I believe some words from God but not others? How can I believe I am redeemed and forgiven if I cannot first believe I was created in his appearance (beauty), and I am fearfully & wonderfully made? How can I...?

I am discovering this to be true: You need the truth to be louder than the lies you hear. But you have to be willing to at least admit it's truth for it to do any good. If you don't do that, you make God a liar.

Lord, help me to trust in ALL Your words, and not just the ones that are easy to believe about myself. I want freedom from the lies I hear all day long.

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